Greater Westfield Business Networking Group

Networking is essential to the business world. Through networking, local businesses can connect with one another, encouraging collaboration across a variety of industries and enhancing overall business districts’ success altogether. Without networking, businesses would lack key communication with one another. By typically hosting events such as luncheons, talks by guest speakers, and annual galas, networking groups bring together local companies and encourage them to share ideas, pass along clients, and promote their own businesses. For instance, a networking group that consists of a local contractor, a butcher, and a website designer would be an ideal organization because each individual venture brings something unique to the table. Additionally, alliances are constantly blossomed within networking groups. To exemplify, if the website designer in this hypothetical networking group admires the contractor’s work, they can direct any clients who may need work done on their homes to the contractor. Consequently, the contractor benefits from the networking group because they now have more clients while the website designer benefits because the contractor will return the favor. Furthermore, some networking groups encourage its members to host certain events in order to showcase their own businesses. This opportunity draws attention to local businesses by inviting the other members of the group to check out different companies, therefore increasing business visibility and offering constructive feedback. All in all, networking groups are extremely beneficial to business districts because they unite local businesses, allowing them to grow alongside one another and contribute to the local economy positively.

Westfield, New Jersey’s business district has been particularly thriving recently, booming with new local businesses on every corner. However, the majority of Westfield’s success can be attributed to the town’s networking groups. Since 1948, the Greater Westfield Area Chamber of Commerce has been connecting local businesses to one another and now impressively consists of over 500 members. The Chamber stretches across the towns of Westfield, Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Mountainside, and Garwood, encouraging networking amongst business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals from different areas. In order to facilitate networking, the Chamber hosts weekly events like breakfasts, happy hours, street fairs, and even out-of-the-box activities like comedians and hypnotists. To add, the Chamber also holds annual galas and will be hosting its 70th Anniversary Gala this upcoming April. The Chamber also encourages local businesses to host networking events, allowing them to showcase their companies to the other members. Overall, the Greater Westfield Area Chamber of Commerce truly enhances the area’s business district, leading local businesses such as Westfield Painters, Solis Painting, Stay Cool Heating and Air Conditioning, Westfield House Builders, Charles Contracting and A & H Electricians to individual success while simultaneously building a strong local economy.

Along with its impressive Chamber of Commerce, Westfield also has a multitude of unique points of interest. The town’s business district is full of a wide variety of local businesses that make the area truly one of a kind. Westfield’s interesting array of businesses range from trendy supermarkets, like Trader Joe’s, to high-end fashion stores and boutiques, like Banana Republic, Lord & Taylor, and Urban Outfitters. In addition, the town’s downtown area explodes with various restaurants. On Elm Street alone there are upscale restaurants such as Theresa’s, Sweet Waters Steakhouse, Ferraro’s, and Addams Tavern along with more casual venues like QDOBA Mexican Eats, Casa di Pizza, Mojave Grille and Morano Gelato. Westfield also has several popular and upcoming venues like Starbucks, Ono Bowls, and the Turning Point. Clearly, Westfield downtown area is nothing less than unique and booms with numerous points of interest.

However, Westfield is also well known and highly recognized for its non-business points of interest. For instance, Westfield’s public school system is ranked amongst New Jersey’s top school districts every year. This perk of Westfield attracts numerous families to the area, consequently influencing the town’s family-oriented ambiance and reputation. Westfield’s gorgeous parks also add beauty to the town, making the physical neighborhoods as attractive as the thriving downtown area. Lastly, Westfield’s prime location in proximity to both New York City and the Jersey Shore is a huge perk. Since the town is only about a 45 minute train ride from the city, many commuters decide to reside and settle down in Westfield. On the other hand, the Jersey Shore is only about a 45 minute drive from Westfield, which allows residents to venture out on day trips to the beach easily. To conclude, Westfield, New Jersey offers many opportunities to residents and local businesses due to the Greater Westfield Area Chamber of Commerce’s positive effect on its business district, its prospering downtown area, and its unique and charming perks.

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